Aaron Sawyer

SNC Lavalin
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Alexander is a co-author of "What Building a Tangible Model Taught Me About the Real Railway".
Alexander Romanovsky is a professor in computing science with Newcastle University, United Kingdom. His main research interests are system dependability, fault tolerance, safety, modelling and v
Aaron joined SNC-Lavalin in 2017, as a consultant he has applied both technical and project management practices to a vast array of projects. Within the rail industry, Aaron has rapidly gained experience assessing the UK signalling market and the growing demand for increased interoperability, conducting detailed technical investigations of system failures, providing safety assurance evidence for the Northen Line Extension and proactively driving the delivery of a model signalling system and associated railway.
Aaron is currently working towards becoming a Chartered Engineer and is preparing to sit his IRSE Professional Examinations in October 2019.