Alexander Patton

Siemens UK
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Alexander is the author of: "Developing Cyber Resilience Together: Industry Cooperation for a More Secure Railway"
Conference day 1: Cyber Resilience session

Alexander is a systems engineer specialising in cyber security for signalling and train control. He has a long passion for IT systems, gaining his first industry certifications at age 11. Equally passionate about transport, Alex joined the rail industry with Siemens after graduating from the University of Surrey in 2015. He first presented at ASPECT 2017, demonstrating an ATO model railway project. From 2017 to 2019, Alex led the development of the cyber security solutions for the flagship London Underground Deep Tube Upgrade Programme and East Coast Main Line tenders.
Based in London, Alex enjoys language, history and culinary arts and spends his free time living with his fiancée in Nagoya, Japan.