Amanda Elliott

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Innovace Designs Ltd.

Author of: "Operational and Human Factors Testing to Commission ERTMS Level 2 BL 3 in Denmark"
Dr. Amanda C. Elliott is a Human Factors Engineer, who has specialised in rail since 2001. She has an interesting perspective, coming from a background as an engineering apprentice, followed by a degree in Ergonomics and a PhD in engineering design. In everything she does, Amanda is keen to introduce and resolve issues surrounding the people who make the systems and operations work. She led the ergonomic design of the HS1 Hitachi Javelin Stock; and was a fundamental part of the design for the S-Stock and VLU trains for London Underground. Amanda has a wide experience and interest in rail, depots, rolling stock and signalling. Amanda has most recently worked in Denmark, with a key role in the ERTMS Level 2 Baseline 3 implementation. As part of that, she has led the development of a “Human Components Mapping” methodology, which links operational hazards, operational rules and training modules to the live testing of operational staff prior to commissioning. Her current interest in the BowTie Methodology and is developing a means for high-hazard operational industries to incorporate Human Components in this barrier-based risk management process.