Egidio Quaglietta

Delft University of Technology

Egidio is the author of "Exploring Virtual Coupling: operational principles and capacity analysis" and co-author of "ETCS Hybrid Level 3: a simulation-based impact assessment for the Dutch railway network"
Egidio Quaglietta is assistant-professor in Railway Traffic Management at Delft University of Technology. He has a PhD in transport engineering from the University of Naples Federico II and has been actively working in the railway field since 2008, when he joined the Italian railway supplier Ansaldo STS. As a postdoc at TU Delft, he has been involved in developing and testing advanced algorithms for railway traffic planning and management. Egidio has then worked for the British railway infrastructure manager Network Rail, where he led workstreams on railway innovation for the UK programme Digital Railway and the EU funded project Capacity4Rail.