Ganesh Kumar Dwivedy IRSSE, MIRSTE, AMIRSE

Chief Safety Officer, South Eastern Railway, Kolkata, India
Author of "Fall Back systems, Methods, Procedures and Resilience in Train Operation over Indian Railways"

I’m G. K. Dwivedy born in the year 1964, belonging to Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers and presently working as Chief Safety Officer of South Eastern Railway zone of Indian Railways. I have graduated in Electronics Engineering and trained in Railways Signalling and Management from Indian Railway Institute of Signal Engineering, Secunderabad, and National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara, India respectively, trained and qualified as Internal Auditor, Assessor (A1) for IRSE Licensing scheme and IRSE license holder as Design Manager(S), Principles Designer(S) and certified to be Responsible Design Engineer.
I am Associate Member of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers, London, UK and Member of the Institution of Railway Signal and Telecommunication Engineers, India
My Key Experience of more than 30 years is in Indian Railway Signalling and Telecommunication System Engineering, Planning, Project Execution, Maintenance, Technical Investigation and Train Operations Management; and Design, Design management, Training and Internal Auditing in British Railways signalling.