Kyung-Hwan Hwang

Railway Signal Research Association
Kyung-Hwan Hwang 250px
1958. Born in Seoul, Republic of Korea

1981. Graduate Yon-Sei university, major is electronics

1983. ~ 1996. Daewoo Telecom, telecommunication sales engineer.

PABX SL-1 test & commissioning engineer.
Supply & construction of SDH/SONET transmission system for Korea Telecom.
Supply & construction of Seoul metro line 7&8 communication system

1996.~ 2014. POSCO Engineering, signaling engineer.

Participate construction of Seoul metro line 9 signaling as a system engineer (SE)for 5 years.

Participate Airport Railroad Express in Korea as a signaling engineer of Automatic Train Supervision for 4 years

2015 ~ Railway Signal Research Association, senior engineer.

2017 ~ : Participate development of “IP Based Railway Electronic Interlocking Device Commercialization” for the standardization of the interface between trackside signaling and IP based electronic interlocking system.

2018 ~ Participate development of ETCS L3 electronic interlocking system for the interface between trackside ATP(RBC),CTC and electronic interlocking system.