Bring Digitalization to an Enhanced Urban Transportation

Author: Lizuo Xin
Co authors: Emilio Tuinenburg, Danny Meringa
Conference day 1
CBTC & Metro session, reserve paper
In this paper a use case of root cause analysis (RCA) of a subsystem disturbance (false notification of section occupancy) based on the gathered data, is presented. The use case is taken from the Randstad Rail in the Netherlands, which is the light rail network in the southern part of the Rotterdam – The Hague area. Due to the high population in the area, the low downtime of maintenance is requested to ensure the passengers a safe and punctual journey.
For analyzing the system performance, the key point is to bring data to life, i.e. digitalization, to provide as much information as needed. The use case studied in this paper is related to the false notification of section occupancy which leads to the reset of axle counters. In order to find out the root cause of the problem, an analysis framework has been developed, which starts with the data collection from the systems, e.g. interlocking, followed by data analysis using appropriate tools, and visualization of results. RCA of this specific disturbance has then been performed, which reveals that problems lie in not only the cable connection between the axle counter and the interlocking, but also the failing interaction between the vehicle and the axle counter, which prevents the axle counter from receiving the magnetic field. Consequently, the axle counter misses counting of the wheels of the vehicle.