Development of IP interlocking in Korea

Author: Kyung Hwan Hwang
Co-authors: Key-seo Lee, Dong-il Sung, Jeong-ki Hong, Young-joo Park
Day: Aspect Day One
Session: Standardisation

The project “Development and Commercialization of IP-based Railway Interlocking in Korea” is part of RSRA(Railway Signal Research Association)’s research into the application of IP-based railway interlocking system engineering for railway in Korean signalling system.
In cooperation with Korea Rail Network Authority as infrastructure manager, RSRA is participating in the IP-based railway interlocking in Korea project to develop technical interface standards for signalling equipment. Nowadays, rail infrastructure is faced with more and more diversity when interfacing subsystems, caused by an increasing number of different suppliers in replacement and renewal projects. Especially modifying electronic systems from different suppliers usually coincides with the costs. Standardization is now coming closer by using modern internet-based technology. This makes it possible to use the same solutions for improved monitoring and diagnosis. These innovations can help to achieve the ever increasing safety and efficiency requirements of our busy railway network.
A research and development of ERTMS/ETCS Level 3 in Korea, which is the government-led project followed by KTCS-2(ETCS-2), has now been in its 1st stage since April 2018 and will be continued until December 2020 under the responsibility of Korea Rail Network Authority. IP-based railway interlocking will be used for the standardization of the interface between ETCS-1, 2, 3 and interlocking with slight modification of data packet.