Digital resilience – a way forward for today’s transformation

Author: Antonio Bravo
Day: Aspect Day Two
Session: Innovation and Future Development (2)

Industry 4.0, Big Data, Digital Transformation…in a railway era
marked by technology evolution, we need to rapidly adapt our
products, systems, mindset and processes to face the new trends
and risks. Industry focus has expanded in recent years beyond
safety and reliability to include strong security features and data
analytics, without jeopardizing long lifecycles. This holistic
concept can only be achieved by suppliers and customers
collaboratively developing resilient digital solutions.The term
‘digital resilience’ includes a variety of technical and business
aspects that enable our future developments to continuously be
adapted to changes in areas that are in constant transformation,
such as cybersecurity, machine learning and cloud-based
platforms. It is important to offer flexible business models which
facilitate customers gaining confidence on such solutions and
suppliers fulfilling changing requirements.This paper presents one
supplier’s digital resilience concept, the aspects it encompasses in
terms of processes, operational risks and IT security among
others, and the lessons learnt from considering such concept in
our latest developments.Within the digitalization umbrella, our
digital resilience concept is built up around four main pillars.