Development Trend and Direction of Train Control System

Lead Author: Bin Ning
Co-authors: Chunhai Gao, Tao Tang, Hairong Dong, Jing Xun, Yidong Li, Feng Bao

On June 14th, 2019 we received the sad new that prof Bin Ning was fatally injured in serious traffic accident and passed away.
He was on his way to the World Transportation Convention in Beijing. BJTU (Beijing Jiaotong University) has officially confirmed this news and announced the obituary notice.

Professor Fei Yan will present professor Ning's paper.

Day: Aspect Day Two
Session: Innovation and Future Development (1)

Based on the comprehensive analysis of train control systems for mainline railways and urban rail transits, and combined with the current status and development trends of rail transit equipment and technology, this paper puts forward the development trend and direction of equipment and technology for train control sysyem in the future. With the safe and efficient moving block system, it will form the intelligent control, operation and maintenance system based on ubiquitous perception, train-to-train communication and big data technologies. The integration of train control and traffic management will enhance the ability of recovery when disturbance occurs. Train control systems of high-speed railway and normal-speed railway are serialized. Train control systems of high-speed railway and urban rail transit are integrated, which eventually makes different train control systems compatible.