Reliability improvement of CBTC systems on metro lines

Author: Ian Thompson
Co-author: David Price
Day: Aspect Day One
Session: CBTC and Metro Session

This paper describes the reliability management systems and processes designed to minimise reliability issues experienced with the implementation of a new signalling system onto a brownfield metro line. The use of a standard metric, common targets and a single method of defining reliability ensured that all stakeholders focused on the most relevant areas. The data capture methodology necessary to capture all the reliability related issues is described. As is the reliability process developed to record, analysis and rectify faults.
Importantly a collaborative approach between the signalling supplier and system integrator was adopted. The importance and benefits of this collaborative approach are discussed as well as the working practices developed to ensure a rapid improvement of the system reliability. This paper details the reliability data, lessons learnt, and an overview of the solutions developed which are being used on a current signalling upgrade project of four London Underground lines.