Video Track Inspector

Author: Joost van Kalsbeek
Co-author: Thomas Hempel
Conference day two
Maintenance Session

The main root cause of unexpected shunting of track circuits is caused by Insulated Rail Joints. As a matter of fact over ten percent of Strukton Rail’s railway infrastructure malfunctions are caused by shunting of track circuits when they are not supposed too. Mitigating these malfunctions is of high priority.
Siemens Mobility and Strukton Rail act jointly and work on solutions in the area of predictive maintenance based on video analytics to improve the current status quo on track circuits. This use case focuses on the identification, detection and prediction of defects at track circuits, to be precise; the Insulated Rail Joint. Insulated Rail Joints are bolted rail joints containing bonded insulation materials wrapped around it. Each Insulated Rail Joint contains insulation material to electrically isolate them. Insulated rail joints are essential components in track circuits that control signalling and broken rail identification systems.