8:30 Technical Visit 1 - Rail Center Amersfoort

Rail Center Amersfoort

The Railcenter is a unique place in the Netherlands where the railway industry comes together.
Through training services, and by offering the railway industry a place for testing and analysis, innovation, and knowledge sharing, the Railcenter supports improvements for a safer and more reliable railway system. The training centre is located at the iconic Wagenwerkplaats in Amersfoort, which served as an industrial rail complex for nearly a century.
In this unique location you will visit some of the test and training facilities and we will show some of the latest innovations in Digital Signalling and new methods in maintaining infrastructure.

Technical visit 2 - Noord-Zuid Lijn (North-South Line)

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Noord-Zuid Lijn (North-South Line)
The Amsterdam Metro is a mixed rapid transit and light rail system serving Amsterdam, and extending to the surrounding municipalities of Amstelveen, Diemen and Ouder-Amstel. The network is owned by the City of Amsterdam and operated by municipal public transport company Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf (GVB) which also operates trams, free ferries and local buses. The metro system consists of five routes and serves 58 stations, with a total length of 52.2km (32.4 miles).
The system has five routes, the fifth route, Route 52, running from the northern to the southern borough, came into operation on 21 July 2018. In this technical visit you will enter the system, and visit the equipment rooms. Furthermore some interesting stories on building the line and the commissioning of the CBTC signalling on the line will be explained.

General info Technical Visits

No personal protective equipment is required for these technical visits. Transport from Delft to these visits will be provided, and technical visits will end around 14:00 hrs. Delegates are welcome to bring their luggage to the Aula to be taken along on the bus. Delegates can choose to leave the group and continue their journey independently at the end of the visits or return on the bus to Delft. Both venues are within walking distance of a railway station with direct connections to Schiphol. Further timings have been provided with joining instructions.